Celebrating Our Newly Certified Students

Since our reopening on 4th July, Ocean Sports has been lucky enough to train over 150 new and returning boating enthusiasts, giving them the tools that they needed to gain their RYA certifications.

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Why Take an RYA Yachtmaster Theory Course?

Yachtmaster Theory Course

As well as running face-to-face RYA courses including sailing courses, own-boat tuition, powerboat instructor, and commercial powerboat courses, Ocean Sports Tuition offers a range of RYA-recognised theory courses.

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What is an Officer on Watch? How to become an OOW

Office on Watch

An officer on watch (OOW) is a deck officer who is assigned the duties of watch keeping and navigation on a ship’s bridge. Additionally, the Officer on Watch is accountable for the bridge team, who are there to support the OOW in the navigation process.

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