Ocean Sports Tuition is a small and friendly company with a team of RYA Instructors from various backgrounds. Each of our RYA Instructors shares our values and passion for delivering the best possible experience both in the classroom and on the water. This passion is infectious and we endeavour to pass it on to all our students when they visit us, whatever course they are attending. We are often told “you have a great job” and we have to agree! We love sharing our passion and often keep in touch with clients to share news of their boating adventures for years to come.





Environment is also key. We believe that when students feel relaxed and comfortable they are best able to develop new skills. By providing the best possible environment to learn in, which is safe, fun and encouraging, students can feel at ease and excel in their learning. Our RYA Instructors strive to provide this environment for each and every course. They endeavor to a give personal service to every student. The team will do their utmost to ensure that all our customers feel like part of the family on our courses and gain a valuable, enjoyable experience that they would recommend to others.

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The Advantages of Stepped Hulls

The Advantages of Stepped Hulls

When choosing a hull shape, finding the right balance of speed and stability can seem like an impossible task. While stepped hulls are often painted as unpredictable and difficult to handle, there are in fact many advantages to this hull shape, as we explain in this blog.

Explaining Leeward Shores and Sailing in the Lee

Explaining Leeward Shores and Sailing in the Lee

Unsure about lee shores? Here are some tips from our instructors about how and why to avoid sailing in the lee.

Suzuki Micro Plastic Collecting Device

Suzuki’s Innovative Micro-Plastic Collecting Device Tackles Plastic Pollution

When referring to propeller issues and problems with boat performance, many people use the terms ‘cavitation’ and ‘ventilation’ interchangeably, and often incorrectly. As industry-leaders in boat training and boat charter, the team at Ocean Sports are often asked for advice on these issues. Below, we explain the difference between the two terms, how the damage is caused, and how to fix it.