RYA Powerboat Instructor Courses

Ocean Sport Tuition is Pleased to Offer RYA Powerboat Instructor Courses

First Steps

Firstly, we offer the 3 day RYA Powerboat Instructor Course. On successful completion you will be able to run RYA Powerboat Level 1 and RYA Powerboat Level 2 courses at a recognised RYA training centre. If you hold your RYA Safety Boat certificate you will also be able to run RYA safety boat courses.

Prior to attending the RYA Powerboat Instructor course you must have completed an RYA Powerboat skills assessment. You must also hold a valid First Aid certificate.

Take Your Teaching Forward

The pinnacle of the RYA Powerboat instructor scheme is the 2 day RYA Advanced Powerboat Instructor Course. On successful completion of the following courses at a RYA recognised centre:

Prior to attending the RYA Advanced Powerboat Instructor Course, you must have completed the RYA Powerboat Instructor Course. You are also required to log hours in teaching. Finally, you must hold an RYA Advanced Powerboat course completion certificate.

If you wish to teach the RYA Tender Operators course and RYA Advanced Powerboat course, you must hold a commercial endorsement in one of the following:

For more information please call 02381 242159 and talk to your RYA Powerboat Trainer.