19 Apr 2017

Why Bare Boat Charter?

The freedom that Bare boat charter brings is priceless, no commitment to expense of marina fees or maintenance costs and you don’t get any depreciation on your assest. You don’t have any guilt of not using the boat, especially when the family don’t want to go out or its wet and windy. You get all the...
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9 Jan 2017

Preparing for your RYA MCA Advanced Powerboat exam

The RYA MCA Advanced powerboat certificate of competency is the pinnacle of the RYA powerboat scheme, it is the gateway to the world of commercial work on open boats. Candidates that would like to undertake the RYA MCA Advanced powerboat Certificate of Competency exam, must have as a minimum: 30 days at sea, 800 sea...
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16 Nov 2016

Who are the RYA?

Who are the RYA  and what do they do? To be exact the Royal Yachting Association (RYA for short) is the national governing body for boating, they are here to promote safe, successful and rewarding British boating. The RYA recognise over 2500 training centres world wide, of which Ocean Sports Tuition is one of these recognised...
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7 Nov 2016

Which RYA powerboat course?

The RYA Powerboating scheme is for people wanting to skipper open boats up to 10 meters in length. Here we are looking at the main RYA Powerboat courses. The RYA also offer two specialist powerboat courses -The RYA Safety boat course and the RYA Tender operators course, more on these to come. The RYA Powerboat...
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19 Jul 2016

Tips for towing a boat

So your new pride and joy sits there on its trailer and your now want to tow it to the coast for your maiden voyage on board. First up you will need to make sure you can legally tow your boat. If you passed your driving test before 1st January 1997, you will be entitled...
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15 Jun 2016

Trim and Trim Tabs

Trim and trim tabs Using engine trim and trim tabs correctly not only makes your day on the water safe and comfortable, but it will also increase your fuel burn. Trimming the engine works both on and off the plane, the off the plane is fairly simple, as when you come off the plane make...
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3 May 2016

How do I get an ICC?

Intentional Certificate of Competence is valid for 5 years and is issued by the RYA. It can be gained on completion of an RYA Powerboat level 2 course, practical RYA Day Skipper course or if you feel you have enough experience, a direct ICC assessment which are available through Ocean Sports Tuition. The ICC, is...
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30 Mar 2016

What are differences between a planning, displacement and semi displacement hull?

What are the differences between a planning, displacement and semi displacement hull? Displacement hull? In basic terms it displaces the same amount of water when stationary or moving, it is supported by buoyancy and they are typically big, round and bulbous. Generally displacement hulls are slow, as they are not designed to naturally plan, the...
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7 Mar 2016

What is bare boat Charter?

What is a bare boat charter? Bare boat charter is like hiring a car, you skipper and use the boat as your own. You plan and go where you want to go, as if in you were in your own boat. The advantages of bare boat chartering are that you can charter (hire) a boat...
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