17 Apr 2019

Becoming a Powerboat Instructor

If you’ve spent years honing your powerboat skills and have become something of a pro, now is the time to take the next step. Becoming a Powerboat Instructor will give you the opportunity to impart your skills to aspiring powerboaters. It is also a fantastic introduction to a career in watersports. What do you need...
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22 Mar 2019

A breath of fresh air

London is arguably one of the most exciting and vibrant places to be in the UK. For many, there is almost no better place to be, with so much to do and even more to see. However, there are some things that ‘The Big Smoke’ cannot offer. At the top of the list for us...
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15 Mar 2019

What causes stormy British winters?

At this time of year, we tend to experience howling gales and driving rain, often given obscure names like Storm Gareth which has been wreaking havoc across the UK over the last few days. This is also the third storm to be named this year in the British Isles. But what causes this type of...
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1 Mar 2019

RYA Theory Courses for a Rainy Day

After a few days of glorious sunshine, the weather has returned to what we usually associate with this time of year. It’s cold, grey and really quite damp! Some of the hardier amongst us will push on and get out on the water regardless. But many will prefer to opt for the comfort of indoors....
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22 Feb 2019

Getting set for summer!

As the days are growing longer and the temperature is starting to climb, we’re already looking forward to the summer! In our opinion, there is nothing better than spending the holidays out on the water with family and friends. And what better way to prepare for this than our Powerboat Level 2 Course in Southampton....
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5 Feb 2019


VHF? SRC? DSC? What’s up with all the three-letter acronyms when it comes to marine communications? If you’re a newcomer to sailing and you’re struggling to get you head around it all, we’ve put together a quick introduction to the world of marine radio – and what you’ll need to start broadcasting on the open...
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14 Nov 2018

What do I need for a career at sea?

If you’ve been boating as a hobby for a while, you’ll know the satisfaction that comes from adventuring across the waves and honing your craft as a sailor. But what if you want to turn your passion into a full-time career? There’s plenty of working opportunities across the marine industry – but if you’re a...
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17 Sep 2018

No time to learn? Here’s what you can do in a weekend

One thing we hear from our clients all the time is ‘I wish I had time to learn, how can I fit in the time for a powerboat course?’ When you are juggling work and family commitments, the idea of devoting time to a boating course or learning can seem out of reach. The same...
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