14 Nov 2018

What do I need for a career at sea?

If you’ve been boating as a hobby for a while, you’ll know the satisfaction that comes from adventuring across the waves and honing your craft as a sailor. But what if you want to turn your passion into a full-time career? There’s plenty of working opportunities across the marine industry – but if you’re a...
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17 Sep 2018

No time for to learn? Here’s what you can do in a weekend

One thing we hear from our clients all the time is ‘I wish I had time to learn, how can I fit in the time for a powerboat course?’ When you are juggling work and family commitments, the idea of devoting time to a boating course or learning can seem out of reach. The same...
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22 Aug 2018

Why the Sea Survival Course can be a lifesaver

The name may sound like a budget action thriller, but Sea Survival is often a key first step for budding recreational and professional boaters alike; protecting you and the rest of your crew in an emergency. But what does the Sea Survival course actually contain – and why is it so important? What is the...
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27 Jul 2018

New to boating? Here’s where to start.

There’s lots of reasons why our customers want to give boating a try. Some like the idea of adopting boating as a fun weekend activity for their families. Some want to develop their skills and qualifications for a future career at sea. Some fancy the idea of hiring a boat in the Med for a...
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28 Jun 2018

3 reasons to choose an official RYA training centre

Whether you’re taking your first steps into the world of boating, or you’re looking to turn your seafaring experience into a formal qualification, picking the right training provider can be tricky. Most prospective students are looking for the same things; a friendly and engaging instructor, comprehensive tuition, and a valuable qualification at the end of...
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30 May 2018

Motor cruisers and powerboats – whats the difference, and which one is right for you?

Ocean Sports offers a variety of powerboating and motor cruising courses for all skill levels – but if you’re a newcomer to the world of boating it can be tricky to know where to start. Aren’t powerboats and motor cruisers the same thing? Lets clear up the confusion….. What’s a powerboat? A powerboat is a...
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19 Apr 2017

Why Bare Boat Charter?

The freedom that Bare boat charter brings is priceless, no commitment to expense of marina fees or maintenance costs and you don’t get any depreciation on your assest. You don’t have any guilt of not using the boat, especially when the family don’t want to go out or its wet and windy. You get all the...
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9 Jan 2017

Preparing for your RYA MCA Advanced Powerboat exam

The RYA MCA Advanced powerboat certificate of competency is the pinnacle of the RYA powerboat scheme, it is the gateway to the world of commercial work on open boats. Candidates that would like to undertake the RYA MCA Advanced powerboat Certificate of Competency exam, must have as a minimum: 30 days at sea, 800 sea...
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