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28 Jun 2018

3 reasons to choose an official RYA training centre

Whether you’re taking your first steps into the world of boating, or you’re looking to turn your seafaring experience into a formal qualification, picking the right training provider can be tricky.

Most prospective students are looking for the same things; a friendly and engaging instructor, comprehensive tuition, and a valuable qualification at the end of it all. Of course, we think the team here at Ocean Sports Tuition tick all those boxes… But whoever you choose to book with for your first boating course, it’s always best to select an RYA instructor working through a recognised RYA Training Centre.

This logo indicates that the company is approved by the Royal Yachting Association – the UK’s governing body for all kinds of watercraft sports – and their courses match the training framework set out by the organisation to boost boating participation and performance.

Here are three good reasons to choose an RYA-approved training centre for your next boating course.

Regulated, comprehensive course content

Without the RYA’s supervision, the contents of your course can be an absolute lottery.

Important fundamentals can be under-represented or completely skipped over, while less essential elements can be given too much focus – potentially leaving you with dangerous gaps in your skillset. Uneven course coverage also makes progression much trickier; you may find that beginner courses don’t fully prepare you for the expectations of advanced courses.

But with an official RYA training centre, all courses are based upon a unified and comprehensive training curriculum – which means you’ll gain all the vital skills and knowledge for safe, confident and proficient boat pilotage.

Safety guaranteed

The sea can be an unforgiving place; and if your course provider isn’t regulated, you and your fellow students can be put at risk.

  • Basic sea safety procedures can become neglected,
  • Instructors can operate without the legally-required insurance cover, and
  • Professional conduct may not be respected, with instructors putting students in dangerous situations without appropriate training or support.

When it comes to protecting students and providing high-quality tuition, RYA-approved instructors follow the organisation’s Code of Conduct to the letter. Whatever your situation and background, you should always expect an instructor that respects your right to safety.

Internationally-recognised qualifications that open doors

How valuable is a certificate from an unofficial course provider? That depends on what you’re hoping to achieve…

Many budding sailors dream of a boating holiday on the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean – but without a proper International Certificate of Competence (which is a legal requirement across many countries in the Med), most charter firms simply won’t accept you.

What if you’re looking to make a living from boating? Many employers in the marine industry will prefer applicants with formal qualifications; some may even insist that you’re RYA-qualified before they’ll even consider you.

Don’t let an unlicensed course set you back. An official RYA qualification is not just a piece of paper – it’s a widely-recognised demonstration of your abilities, and a door to new and exciting boating opportunities.

Ocean Sports Tuition is a fully licensed RYA Training Centre with a full range of practical and online RYA qualifications on offer. Find out how we can help you achieve your boating dreams – call or email our friendly experts on 02381 242159 today.