Which Chartplotter Should I Choose?

Simrad Chartplotter

Whether you spend your summers on a RIB or a luxury cruiser, a chartplotter provides essential safety and navigation data to make manoeuvring your boat a breeze. As a training provider, the team at Ocean Sports Tuition trust the accuracy and functionality of Simrad navigation technology. We’ve put together these top tips to help you choose which chartplotter is the best fit for your vessel, sharing some of our favourite Simard chartplotter features and models.

Chartplotters for Small Boats and RIBs

If you own a small boat or RIB, many chartplotter units contain features which would go unnoticed and unused on your days out. Many boat owners fall into the trap of purchasing the latest units with the most bells and whistles, but if you simply use your boat for fun days out on the water, it is likely that you just need a model with reliable navigation data and easy-to-use route mapping technology. The Simrad Cruise provides a great value, compact component which can be used alone on small boats and RIBs to map your journey and provide you with reliable speed and depth information in real-time.

Chartplotters for Small Powerboats, Sportboats and Dayboats

Perfect for those with smaller motorboats or centre-consoles, a compact chartplotter such as the Go Series offers a sunlight-viewable touchscreen display, straightforward GPS navigation and wireless connectivity to keep you in control from anywhere on the boat. The Simrad Go Series chartplotters also boast radar capabilities, adding safety and functionality for fishing and water sports. With an easy to use display and comprehensive navigation technology, you can plan your journeys at the touch of a button, thanks to its intuitive mapping technology.

Chartplotters for Powerboats and Motor Cruisers

For larger powerboats, you can make the most of your space with a less compact console, offering accurate navigation, mapping, radar, sonar and more. The NSS evo3 unit presents ultra-wide viewing angles with a screen size of up to 16”, both touchscreen and keypad control and ultimate connectivity with a HDMI output and wireless display mirroring. For trips which may involve night-time navigation, crowded marinas or poor visibility, accurate radar functionality such as the Halo Radar gives you peace of mind, and ensures safe charter no matter what the weather or location.

Chartplotters for Luxury Cruisers and Superyachts

With a screen size of up to 24 inches, the NSO Evo3 is the Rolls Royce of chartplotters. Perfect for your luxury cruiser, this HD resolution model provides maximum accuracy and unbeatable performance to suit your every need. This multifunction display puts you in charge of your on-board electronics, with ultimate wireless connectivity and the flexibility to connect to your choice of accessories. This impressive multi-tasker is the ideal choice for a superyacht or luxury cruiser, offering comprehensive mapping abilities and a host of other features to make navigating your cruise as simple as navigating a car journey!

As a business which relies on navigation technology for our boating courses and charters, Andy and the team at Ocean Sports Tuition have found that Simrad chartplotters are the best navigation solution on the market, offering the most up-to-date technology whilst remaining easy to use.

“As a training provider, it is essential that the navigation technology we provide is effective and easy to use. Tracking your position and marine navigation has never been easier with the Simrad chartplotters, and we recommend it to all our customers” – Andy Murray, Owner – Ocean Sports Tuition.

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