Why Take an RYA Yachtmaster Theory Course?

As well as running face-to-face RYA courses including sailing courses, own-boat tuition, powerboat instructor, and commercial powerboat courses, Ocean Sports Tuition offers a range of RYA-recognised theory courses. 

The RYA Coaster Skipper/Yachtmaster Theory course is an essential for sailors and motor boaters who are looking to complete the RYA Coastal Skipper practical course, and highly recommended for those who have completed the Day Skipper Theory course to enhance their learning.

Why take a theory course?

Many students find that learning the theoretical practices of navigation and seamanship not only provides a deeper understanding of their chosen focus, but also allows them to learn through the experience of others, consequently improving their practical skills. Completing a theory course like the RYA Coastal Skipper/Yachtmaster course aids an individual in becoming a safer, more competent skipper.

What is the Yachtmaster Theory course?

The Yachtmaster theory course is an advanced course in navigation and meteorology, teaching students in-depth knowledge of plotting, interpretation and problem solving, in turn helping skippers to navigate a boat more safely. Key learning points of the RYA Yachtmaster Theory course include:

  • position fixing,
  • course shaping and plotting,
  • tidal knowledge,
  • electronic position finding equipment,
  • taking and interpreting forecasts,
  • plotting weather systems,
  • weather predictions using a barometer.

Previous requirements

The RYA Coastal Skipper/Yachtmaster Theory course revisits, develops and builds upon the skills from the shore-based day skipper course. For this reason, individuals are strongly urged to have completed the shore-based skipper course prior to undertaking the Yachtmaster Theory course.

Further information

RYA theory courses provided by Ocean Sports Tuition are not just based in the classroom; our RYA Day Skipper Theory course, RYA Essential Seamanship & Navigation Course, RYA VHF Radio Course, RYA CEVNI Assessment and RYA PPR Course are all available online. These online theory courses provide comprehensive learning resources in the form of ‘Student Packs’, and allow learners 6 months to complete their qualification.  If you would like to learn more about our online theory courses, check out the dedicated online theory section of our website. For further queries, please don’t hesitate to contact the team on 02381 242 159 or email info@oceansportstuition.co.uk.

About Ocean Sports Tuition

Ocean Sports Tuition is a Southampton-based company offering boat charters and RYA-recognised practical and theory courses. We have been successfully delivering training on the South Coast and the Solent since 2004, and pride ourselves on providing excellent tuition and service to our customers. To find out more about Ocean Sports and our friendly team, click here.