What Are the Benefits of Own Boat Tuition?

What Are the Benefits Of Own Boat Tuition?

At Ocean Sports Tuition, we have invested in a fleet of vessels that allow us to teach a wide range of powerboat and yachting courses. However, we also offer own boat tuition to our clients in order to ensure that our courses can be tailored to your exact requirements. Whether this is for a specific RYA course or simply training to develop particular areas of your skill set, it can offer a far more tailored experience.

Training Suited to Your Learning Style

One of the benefits of tuition in your own boat is that you will receive private tutoring from one of our RYA instructors. This allows us to tailor our tuition to fit your learning style, making it quicker and easier for you to pick up new skills. It is also an ideal option for shy students who are not confident practicing boat handling techniques in front of others.

Learn Everything About Your Boat

Whilst our fleet of vessels covers a wide variety of boat types, there are numerous others out there, each of which has its own specific requirements. By carrying out coaching in your own boat, you will get the opportunity to learn about how your particular boat works best. There may be quirks that are a little different about your boat which you wouldn’t otherwise learn about. Additionally, our instructors may notice issues with your boat that you could otherwise have missed, making it more reliable and efficient.

Private Tuition Tailored to Your Requirements

Some of our clients do not choose to complete a RYA practical course with us during their own boat tuition. Instead, many choose to focus on a specific subject or skill set that they wish to develop or receive additional coaching on. Often, this is in preparation for a course such as the RYA day skipper or yachtmaster qualification, focusing on specific exam techniques and skills.

Learning in Your Local Area

Another benefit of our own boat tuition is that it can be carried out in any location. As a result, we are able to provide our training in the area where you usually sail or motor. This means that we can tailor our tuition to help you understand how to navigate in your local area, especially if you need to work through complex waterways or perhaps have to enter the marina through a lock. Regardless of what area of training you would like to focus on, our own boat tuition option offers tailored training, specific to your requirements and ideal to speed up the learning process.

Ocean Sports Tuition is a specialist training school that provides a complete range of RYA practical and theory courses, as well as boat charter opportunities. Operating from purpose-built facilities in Saxon Wharf Marina, Southampton, we offer courses for those looking to dip their toe in the water to experienced boaters taking their next steps into a career in water sports.

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