Why should I take the RYA First Aid course?

resuscitation mannequin for a RYA first aid course

With the prospect of some fantastic weather over the coming weeks, it’s understandable that many will choose to hit the water at the first opportunity. But before you do so, make sure that you’re equipped with all the skills you need to stay safe this summer. We know that the RYA First Aid course many not sound like the most exhilarating event in the calendar, but it should absolutely be at the top of your list. Whilst this course may not give you the chance to enjoy the wind flowing through your hair, there is a lot to be gained from the qualification. Learn how to treat issues specific to boating including hypothermia, cold water shock, medical emergencies, seasickness and dehydration and many more with the Ocean Sports Tuition team at our training centre in Southampton.

Who is our first aid training aimed at?

The RYA First Aid Course is open to everyone, regardless of your boating experience or whether you have any prior first aid working knowledge to rely on. The skills provided will set you up whether your aim is to be skipper of a yacht, a crew member, or to enjoy days on the water with your family.

What makes this course different to other first aid training?

Although many will have completed first aid courses and gained first aid certificates at their place of work, they will not equip you with the specific skills required should anything go wrong whilst you’re at sea. All of the usual elements are covered in the RYA First Aid training, such as CPR and resuscitation, choking and treating broken bones. Where it differs is the addition of specific injuries that may occur afloat. How do you treat hypothermia or cold water shock? What is the best treatment for sea sickness or dehydration? And how do you put an unconscious casualty into the recovery position whilst in the cramped confines of a yacht or motorboat?  These questions and more are covered in the RYA’s first aid at sea course, with the itinerary covering subjects specific to boating.

Why do you need to complete the RYA First Aid course?

Cold water shock, resuscitation, hypothermia are first aid subjects covered in the RYA First Aid training. For those who are hoping to take up a career in the watersports industry as a powerboat instructor or a commercial skipper this is a mandatory qualification. But even if being on the water is simply a hobby, we can’t think of a more essential qualification to complete this summer, particularly if you are also looking to complete a yachtmaster or advanced powerboat course (including the advanced powerboat certificate of competence). To book your place on one of our RYA First Aid courses, visit our Course Calendar today.

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